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Free 2022 live streaming of FIFA World Cup, Philippines

In May 2007, FIFA made an effort to solve the issue of high altitude, deciding that no future international matches could be played at an altitude above 2500 m. (8200 ft).

The national teams of Andean nations would have been most impacted by the FIFA altitude ban. This plan would prevent Bolivia from hosting international games in La Paz (3600 m), Ecuador from hosting international games in Quito (2800 m), and Colombia from hosting international matches in Bogot√° (2640 m).

However, following international criticism and political pressure from the CONMEBOL nations, FIFA quickly withdrew from the proposal. First, in June 2007, it increased the maximum altitude to 2800 m (9190 ft), making Bogota and Quito once again viable international venues. Then, in July 2007, it removed the restriction for La Paz.

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