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FIFA approved an exception in 2011 so that the British Home Nations could have a black armband with a poppy of remembrance on it. Since 1921, the poppy has been worn as a sign of peace and remembering in the United Kingdom in honor of the fallen soldiers. Beginning on November 11, Remembering Day, which commemorates the conclusion of World War One, this time of remembrance is observed until Remembrance Sunday. Many Commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as many more nations worldwide, have adopted this insignia to honor the war dead.

The British Home Nations of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland were permitted to wear black Remembrance poppy armbands while playing because the football matches clashed with the UK's Remembrance Day period. When the British Home Nations matches clashed once more with the UK's Remembrance Day week in 2016, FIFA informed the teams that they could not wear armbands with poppies. All four of the British Home Nations declared that they would still wear the armbands and take the punishment.

On November 11, 2016, Scotland was to play England. On November 12, 2016, Wales was scheduled to play Serbia, and Northern Ireland was scheduled to play Azerbaijan. Wales and Northern Ireland were mislead into thinking that there would only be a penalty if the opposing team protested about the armband, despite the fact that all four Home Nations had initially agreed to overlook the restriction. Both teams would agree not to complain during the Home Nation England vs. Home Nation Scotland match, preventing a penalty.

On the other hand, Wales and Northern Ireland, who both played teams from outside their country, would be given a penalty. The Welsh and Northern Irish teams made the last-minute decision to forgo wearing the poppy armbands in favor of coming up with creative new ways to incorporate the poppy into the games, such as wreaths of poppies and fans waving placards with poppy imagery. In addition to playing each other, England and Scotland wore armbands with poppies. Northern Ireland and Wales did not.

Although no one had complained, FIFA stated on November 14 that both Scotland and England

Wales and Northern Ireland would both receive penalties, FIFA confirmed on November 23, 2016, in the absence of any formal complaints. Charges against the Welsh squad included placing poppy wreaths on the playing field, having supporters hold up poppy banners, and, controversially, having "fans in the stadium wearing a Remembrance poppy on their shirts." Since 1921, the British have had Remembrance poppies on their shirts, but many people thought this was going too far. In all four of the Home Nations, there was a strong response against FIFA from the British press.

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